empireunderground said: Your blog says a lot about you, but you are right, I don't really know you.. You seem like someone I would want to get to know though :)

Hahaha im aiiighht!

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Two women on the shore (woodcut, 1898) Edvard Munch

Two women on the shore (woodcut, 1898) Edvard Munch

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"Now, become the person you needed when you were younger."

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The new Transformers is the worst movie I’ve seen since The Last Airbender.

I fuckin knew it!

It truly is… a piece of garbage film. Ugh why marky mark… Why?!?!?

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kellinoflostkingdoms said: So I think you and your blog are totally perfect. And I was wondering if you had a kik or snapchat and would like to be friends? :) I could really use a friend :/...

Hey, you I have a lot of friends and its hard keeping up and devoting time to all of them. You are so super sweet but i don’t have a kik and i don’t give out my snap chat! You are more than welcome to shoot me a msg now and then but sadly i admit sometimes im not good at answering them either. Chin up because we could all use a friend when we don’t realize we have so many already in front of us. Im a stranger to you, your friends want to hang out and hug you right now. Don’t miss out!

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